Youth Volleyball

Bump, set and spike your way to fun with our youth volleyball leagues. With an emphasis on team spirit and sportsmanship, players have the opportunity to learn the basic volleyball fundamentals such as serving, setting, hitting, blocking and digging in a fun and positive environment.

Practice and Games

One 60-minute practice and 1 game per week. Teams available for ages 8-14.

Our focus is on participation and fun! While basic skills of the game are developed through practices and games, every child learns sportsmanship and values necessary to be successful in life. Every YMCA volleyball game begins with a Youth Sports Pledge. We encourage fair play, positive competition and family involvement.

Sports are offered seasonally and vary by location. Please check back or at nearby locations if sport is currently unavailable.

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Volunteer Coaching Opportunities

We’re seeking volunteers interested in coaching youth sports. Our coaches make YMCA youth sports possible and create a lifelong impact on children by encouraging participation and emphasizing sportsmanship and strong character. When you become a volunteer, the Y will introduce you to coaching and provide specific resources to the sport you coach. If your child is a player, getting involved at their practices can help them feel comfortable to practice with you outside of official practice time.

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Volleyball Benefits

Youth Volleyball can bring great benefits to children in offering opportunities for exercise that is crucial for health and also for socialization and learning how to be part of a community. A team sport that involves team strength in children is an excellent quality for life to learn the significance of setting objectives and working towards accomplishing them. Children who start to play volleyball will get more benefits of hard work at an early age.

Training Tips

Warm up and stretch before you start practicing or playing Youth Volleyball. This doesn’t mean just hitting a couple of spikes or serves. Do some jumping jacks or run-in-place for a couple of minutes to warm up your muscles before stretching. Dynamic stretching uses many muscle groups in a sports-specific way and are ideal to incorporate in your warm ups and a good idea to stretch after a game, practice or volleyball clinic as well.

Coaching Benefits

In addition to teaching your players the techniques and skills needed to play the game, being a great coach means acting as a mentor and role model for your team, instilling good sportsmanship within and motivating your players to continue their development in becoming a great volleyball player through hard work and dedication to the sport.

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