Youth & Family Wellness

The Y has always been a place where families can play and be active together, and now that’s more important than ever. We believe in a healthy spirit, mind and body for the whole family! Whether it’s swimming in the pool, playing a game of basketball or pickleball, taking a class or playing together outdoors, we have options that keep your family active, engaged, healthy and creating memories together.

Group Exercise

Our classes vary by location but good news! Your membership has city-wide access as a member benefit. This means that you can explore amenities, classes and more at neighboring Y’s across the city and even around the nation!

Wellness Center

Youth options for the Wellness Center start at age 8. See our options below to get your child engaged with a lifetime of wellness. For ages 8-15, youth will need to complete an online training with their parents to help ensure they have the knowledge and skills for a successful and safe workout. After completing the participant information questions, please review all OYST requirements, guidelines, and information in this presentation with the participating youth family member to receive a wristband that they must wear while on the wellness floor to utilize the equipment.

Ages 8-9: Youth may use cardio equipment and attend group exercise classes with a parent in immediate proximity.
Ages 10-12: Youth may use cardio equipment, pin-select equipment and attend group exercise classes with a parent in immediate proximity.
Ages 13-15: Youth may access the Wellness Center and group exercise classes without a parent.
Ages 16: Youth have access to all group exercise classes and the full Wellness Center without taking the course.

Once you have completed the online training, visit your nearest YMCA Center to be issued a wristband.

Pool, Gym and Other Amenities

Youth ages 10+ are welcome to use the pool and gym. For supervised and structured programs times, please view the schedule at your local Y. Members under 10 must be closely supervised by an adult age 18 or older in these areas. Youth under age 6 must have a parent/caregiver over 18 within arm’s reach in the pool.

Child Watch

Is your child too young for wellness activities? Are you looking for opportunities for them to play in a fun and safe environment? Do you need some time dedicated to you? YMCA Child Watch is a member benefit that includes the kids. See more about this amenity.

Tips for Healthy Kids and Families

  • From increased screen time to virtual school, studies show that children moved less in 2021 than usual. Help kids get back into physical activity routines by setting at least 60 minutes for fun and play every day.
  • Kids have had a stressful year! Check out our mindfulness classes for the whole family.
  • It’s important to let kids be kids! Parents should make sure they are joining in the fun with their kids. Close the laptop, turn off the phone and have uninterrupted play time together. These opportunities allow adults to model a love for activity while providing invaluable family bonding time.
  • Kids need a tummy full of healthy food to keep their bodies fueled and focused! Research shows that kids who help make their own meals and snacks are more likely to try the food they make. Enlist kids in meal prep to encourage taste exploration.

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